Economic Security

This page highlights pictures from projects supported by Acts of Grace within the most recent five years.

Photos are listed in alphabetical order by charity name. Click on the charity's name to be redirected to its website. Click on the Grant Description link to learn more about each grant. These pictures are used with the express permission of the organization that provided them and are not to be reproduced for any other purpose.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Canada

Toronto Debt Centre Project (Canada)

Granted through Acts of Grace participation in Stronger Together

Grant Year: 2015

Grant Description

  • CAP Debt Centres are uniquely placed to address unmanageable debt in people’s lives.  CAP Canada equips the local church with a practical and professional way to address unmanageable debt in people's lives.  CAP partners with local churches through this partnership to provide the tools needed to offer in-depth debt counselling as well as emotional and spiritual care to clients. Through these Debt Centres the church is empowered to bring about transformation in the lives of the people it helps. 

  • This project aims to recruit, train and equip Debt Coaches from three churches within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to meet the growing need in this area for this comprehensive service. In addition to the 60 GTA churches already trained to run the CAP Money Course, CAP Canada will train 60 more churches throughout 2015 and early 2016. Following this course, interested churches will be supported to plan for and open Debt Centres.  This project aims to identify 10 GTA churches with a strong interest in opening a CAP Debt Centre and to open 3 new CAP Debt Centres providing debt counselling and holistic support to 24 clients in the GTA by June 30, 2016.

  • A key element to the sustainability of Debt Centres is recruiting and training Debt Coaches. This is a joint process, involving

    the church leadership and CAP centre development team.  Once a Debt Coach is selected, they attend a four-day intensive training course at the CAP Canada head office.  CAP Canada also provides church leadership with detailed training on how to build and equip support teams within the church. Each of the Debt Centre clients can be connected with a "befriender" from the local church who can give emotional and practical support where needed. This enables the church to offer financial counselling and also physical, emotional, and spiritual support to those who are struggling under the burden of debt and poverty.

Partners Worldwide Canada

AfricaWorks Zimbabwe Savings Group (Zimbabwe)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • AfricaWorks Zimbabwe facilitates local micro-financing and business training for micro-entrepreneurs. In addition to the traditional model of pooling savings and loaning it out to each other, AfricaWorks Zimbabwe (AWZ) Savings Groups complete a 12-week Christ-centered Partners Worldwide (PW) business training program. Pictured here: One Savings Group, called "Success Savings Group", with some members displaying their Savings and Credit Management Certificates.  Success Savings Group received training with the support of Acts of Grace.

  • Every member is expected to save $5/week and borrow at 10%/month to guarantee fund growth. Success Savings Group members have similar businesses (60% run a grocery shop, 40% are involved in poultry).  This facilitates idea sharing to strengthen and grow their businesses. After a review of their business plans, members may receive top-up capital loans to help them expand their business, often creating employment for others. Success Savings Group collectively looks after 81 beneficiaries, 8 orphans and has created 14 jobs. Pictured here: Susan is a widow that supports her 4 children with revenue from her grocery shop and poultry businesses.

  • Some savings group members also expand their roles to leadership positions that support other entrepreneurs.  Pictured here: Washington, a former teacher, is the Secretary of Success Savings Group and owns a preschool.  Washington completed the PW Train-the-Trainer workshop, which equipped him with adult learning techniques.  Through a mentoring process with one of the certified PW Curriculum Coaches in Zimbabwe, Washington will become a community-based trainer for the PW business training curriculum. 

Tearfund Canada (formerly World Relief Canada)

Roots of Opportunity (South Sudan)

Grant Year: 2015

Granted through Acts of Grace participation in Stronger Together

Grant Description

  • This project will build the capacity of people in Ibba County, Western Equatoria of South Sudan to improve their own nutritional status, increase overall food security and generate income from agriculture and agro business.

  • The project will involve 600 farmers and 100 rural bee keepers.  It will provide inputs such as improved seeds and training in conservation farming techniques.  It will also develop markets channels, establish and support a farmer cooperative that facilitates the storage, shipping and marketing of farm products.

  • This initiative will provide 1500 of the very poor, many of whom are women, with access to village savings and loans groups (VSL).  VSL groups enable them to accumulate very small amounts of savings, pool those savings and provide microloans to each other for income-generating activities.