Education & Training

This page highlights pictures from projects supported by Acts of Grace within the most recent five years.

Photos are listed in alphabetical order by charity name. Click on the charity's name to be redirected to its website. Click on the Grant Description link to learn more about each grant. These pictures are used with the express permission of the organization that provided them and are not to be reproduced for any other purpose.

Asian Outreach Canada

Transformational Training Centre (Cambodia)

Recurring Grant - Grant Years: 2016, 2017

Grant Description

  • This project provides final furnishings and finishes for the skills training centre and multi-purpose building in Stung Treng, Cambodia.  Once complete, this facility will provide skills-based training in agricultural techniques as well as non-formal education in English and computer skills.  The Hope Centre will also act as a hub for the local church in Northern Cambodia.

  • The skills training centre includes 2 classrooms as well a fully technology-enabled meeting room and lounge area.  This will not only function for Asian Outreach classes, meetings and training programs but will also be available for rent to other organizations.

  • The centre includes a full kitchen as well as dormitories to accommodate guests when they come to volunteer with Asian Outreach.  These accommodations will be available for rent to other organizations along with meeting and food/catering services.  This will provide a sustainable revenue stream for the centre.

CAUSE Canada

Peer Literacy Mobile Computer Lab (Sierra Leone)

Grant Year: 2015

Granted through Acts of Grace participation in Stronger Together

Grant Description

  • Sixty female high school students in Sierra Leone will be trained as Peer Literacy Facilitators (PLFs).  PLFs will receive 4 weeks of phonics and reading training as well as nearly 80 hours of computer literacy training. In exchange for tuition fees, uniforms and shoes, PLFs provide tutoring in phonics and reading to small groups of primary students for one hour after school, four days a week, from September to June including using e-learning software 1 day per week.

  • In total, 2,160 primary students from 9 schools will be tutored through the PLF program.  Approximately 800 additional students from remote, rural students will be also exposed to self-directed learning through a mobile computer lab and library. This project not only increases the success of primary students but also empowers girls to continue their education, teaches girls valuable skills for the job market and gives them a preview to a potential teaching career.

Organized Kaos

Professional Grade Tools and Project Building Materials (Canada)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • Brantford students work alongside volunteer mentors from local churches to learn essential trades skills in both drop-in and trades training programs. The projects break down barriers, creating common ground to not only teach the tools but to teach life skills, employability skills, and to share the gospel.

  • Homeowner grade and poorly functioning tools (mostly donated) will be replaced by professional grade tools that will increase the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the shop environment.  Pictured here: A student and her mentor make a cut using the newly purchased mitre saw.

  • Building supplies such as wood, pipe, solder and wire will be purchased for use by students to complete projects during drop-in and trades training programs. Pictured here: A team of students and volunteers work on framing a wall in the Framing Level 1 program.

Pioneers Canada

Clementia Learning Centre School Bus (Lebanon)

Grant Year: 2016

Grant Description

  • This project provides the funds for the purchase of a 30-passenger bus for a school for refugee children living in Lebanon. In light of the recent massive migration to Lebanon, it is estimated that there are more than 630,000 refugee children living in the country. Given the strain this places on the Lebanese educational system, many of these children remain without formal schooling.  In response, the school was founded as part of a broader outreach and church planting project by a local Lebanese church.

  • The new bus replaces a 15-passenger mini bus and will enable the school to double its roster and increase its impact to this and future generations through enhanced learning opportunities and the intentional witness to Christs’ love for these children. The bus will also be used for field trips and to bring some of the families to church for Sunday services and special events throughout the year.

  • Children attending the school receive instruction in language (Arabic and English), reading, writing, mathematics, general knowledge and Bible.  Children also participate in art, crafts and music as well as field trips to museums and historical sites.  Prayer, counseling and support for health and other needs are also offered to parents as a way of building community with the families.


La Sabana Classroom Build (Nicaragua)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • The students and teachers of La Sabana school in Nicaragua stand outside of the original school structure, which was built nearly 40 years ago using mud brick and corrugated metal.  This building continued to be used until 2017 as the kindergarten classroom, despite its deteriorating condition.

  • In partnership with the local community, a new classroom was built using anti-seismic techniques to ensure a safe and long-lasting structure for the kindergarten children.  Two latrines were also refurbished, an electrical system was installed and minor maintenance was completed for the 2 other classrooms.

  • Construction of the new classroom was completed in early 2018.  The community celebrated the grand opening of the new structure on January 31, 2018 with a special ceremony involving SchoolBOX staff and local officials. To ensure long-term sustainability of the school, La Sabana was registered as an official federal Ministry of Education school

The Wellspring Foundation for Education

Abundant Leadership Institute (Rwanda)

Recurring Grant - Grant Years: 2017, 2018

Grant Description

  • Each cohort of the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) is comprised of educational leaders from Rwanda and Central/East Africa. The approaches and frameworks presented during ALI are practical and Christ-centered, equipping these leaders to become catalysts for change in their own contexts. 

    Pictured here: An educational leader from Uganda represents his ALI peers during class discussion. He describes, through this image, the importance of raising a child holistically balancing academic excellence with developing his character in a fit body.

  • Educational leaders participating in ALI attend classroom sessions once per quarter to begin each module with learning from a faculty member. 

    Pictured here: Dr. Mike Richardson (Columbia Bible College) demonstrates the concept of being an empowering leader to the Cohort 3 class. He explains the demonstration by saying, "empowering servant leaders  stand as tall as they can while helping others reach beyond their self-imposed limitations."

  • Each leader participating in ALI is paired with a mentor who provides insight, encouragement and prayer support throughout the 2-year program. Mentors regularly visit ALI students both in the classroom and at home during the program.

    Pictured here: ALI mentor, Richard Taylor, spends time with a Cohort 2 student during one of the modules.