2017 Grants

This page highlights the organizations and projects that received Acts of Grace grants in 2017. As a celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial and of the Foundation’s 10th anniversary, the 2nd granting cycle of 2017 was reserved exclusively for projects that benefit those living in Canada.

For more information about each charity, click on the organization's logo to be directed to its website. Click on the Project Pictures link under each grant description to view photos related to that particular project.



    This project provides funds towards the purchase and installation of a commercial pull-through dish washing system that will replace an inadequate front loading dish washing system. These upgrades include renovations to the kitchen windows, electrical panel, plumbing and grease traps. This work will enable 541 Eatery & Exchange to more safely and effectively address food insecurity in the local Barton Street area and continue to serve this Hamilton, Ontario community through the love of Jesus Christ.

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  • Transformational Training Centre


    This project provides interior furnishings and finishes as well as landscaping to complete the construction of The Hope Centre. The Hope Centre will offer innovative agriculture and non-formal education training programs to enhance economic opportunity for those living in Northern Cambodia.  The Hope Centre will also act as a hub for community outreach, evangelism and church planting initiatives to bring the Gospel to this extremely poor region.

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    This project is part of a recurring grant originally approved in 2016.

  • City Youth Transportation


    This project is part of a recurring grant that provides free bus transportation to youth from low-income communities in Hamilton, Ontario so that they can attend CityYouth.  CityYouth is a leadership development program that teaches children ages 12-15 about God while providing leadership training, mentoring and service opportunities.

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    This project is part of a recurring grant originally approved in 2014.

  • Annual Equipping Events

    (India , Malawi)

    This project funds Annual Equipping Events (AEEs) in India and Malawi for the Program Directors who facilitate Global Disciples' church-based evangelism and church planting training in these countries. AEEs are held to engage, encourage, envision and equip Program Directors for continued service to the local church. AEEs strengthen these leaders such that clusters of churches will continue to be enabled to multiply Christ-like disciples and locally sustainable fellowships among least-reached people.

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  • Backyard Growth Project


    This project provides mp3 players, chargers and ear phones to facilitate the enrollment of 400-500 new students into Local Bible Institutes. Students are mostly resource-poor, learning-disadvantaged church leaders. Using mp3 technology, students receive a Certificate in Christian Foundations after completing 450 “listening hours” of curriculum. The curriculum draws from an audio library of Bible training from various world-renowned Bible teachers that has been translated into 8 indigenous languages. The primary enrollment area for this project is Eldoret, Kenya and the surrounding area.

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  • Professional Grade Tools and Project Building Materials


    This project provides funds to purchase and put into service professional grade tools as well as building materials for use in Organized Kaos drop-in and trades training programs. These tools will ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of Organized Kaos students and mentors.  The materials will enable the organization to disciple young people in Brantford, Ontario in life and trade, inspiring hope and purpose.

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  • AfricaWorks Zimbabwe Savings Group


    This project provides the funds to establish and make loan capital top-up to one AfricaWorks Zimbabwe Savings Group. In addition to the traditional model of pooling savings and loaning it out to each other, this group completes a 12-week Christ-centered Partners Worldwide business training program. Following review of the members’ business plans, group members are eligible to receive these larger expansion loans from AfricaWorks to enable business development on a greater scale. This project will build up permanent local capacity by catalyzing entrepreneurs and job creators.  The project will also contribute to the enhanced operational sustainability of AfricaWorks Zimbabwe, a facilitator of local micro-financing and business training for micro-entrepreneurs.

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    This project provides funds to review American training manuals and create editions that reflect Canadian standards, statistics and regulations. This work includes the development of templates, training materials, and other resources. This project is part of a broader initiative to upgrade the Pregnancy Care Canada (formerly CAPSS) web infrastructure and the resources for affiliated Pregnancy Care Centres across Canada. These materials will enable Pregnancy Care Canada to more effectively partner with affiliated Pregnancy Care Centres in training staff and volunteers as well as serving clients.  As a Christ-centered, national ministry dedicated to providing support for life and sexual health, the desired impact of this work is for every person in Canada facing a pregnancy decision to have access to a Pregnancy Care Centre.

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  • La Sabana Classroom Build


    This project provides the funds to build a new, structurally sound and earthquake resistant kindergarten classroom at La Sabana School in Nicaragua. This new classroom will continue to make education possible for the youngest students in La Sabana by replacing the existing 40-year old structure.  The original structure is made of mud brick and corrugated metal, is currently facing advanced stages of deterioration and is no longer safe to use. The new classroom will be equipped with essential tools such as desks, chairs and a whiteboard. Latrines will also be built.

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  • Warehouse Solutions


    This project provides funds to purchase and put into service a new forklift at the O'Connor Family Centre warehouse. This forklift will assist in managing the increased amount of goods needed for a growing number of clients to the food and clothing banks. These funds will also help repair the existing forklift and provide the necessary training for staff on operation of the new forklift. This project will increase the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of The Scott Mission. Empowered by God’s grace and provision, The Scott Mission helps individuals and families in Toronto, Ontario to access practical, spiritual and relational resources on a journey towards hope and transformation.

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  • Abundant Leadership Institute


    This project supports various facets of the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI).  This includes the leadership summit, site visits to program participants, the adjunct faculty and the mentorship program that supports in-class learning.  This project will also initiate the development of an online training platform and leadership library. Through this practical, Christ-centered leadership program, visionary educational leaders will be equipped to act as catalysts to transform education for hundreds of thousands of African children. ALI equips educational leaders to foster vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms and empower a new generation of leaders in Central and Eastern Africa.

    Since this grant was originally made, ALI has since been established as its own charitable organization, now called Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, which is working with leaders from various sectors in addition to education. With a mandate focused entirely on developing and empowering African leaders, Kurumbuka is also developing additional programs that will empower leaders, connect influencers, and multiply solutions to support a growing movement of African leaders who want to find African solutions for African problems.

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