Charity Capacity

This page highlights pictures from projects supported by Acts of Grace within the most recent five years.

Photos are listed in alphabetical order by charity name. Click on the charity's name to be redirected to its website. Click on the Grant Description link to learn more about each grant. These pictures are used with the express permission of the organization that provided them and are not to be reproduced for any other purpose.

541 Eatery & Exchange

Commercial Dishwasher System (Canada)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • This restaurant and community hub offers affordable, nutritious food in a friendly environment. Paying customers can also purchase buttons that others can use to help purchase a meal or drink. To further address food insecurity in this Hamilton community, various other activities take place here including homework clubs, kitchen and barista skills training, eat well workshops, volunteer opportunities and much more.

  • When 541 opened in 2014, the number of people we would serve was not anticipated. 541 has been  using a counter top front-loading dishwasher since it opened, with a small grease trap and a couple of odd tables at either end. However, due to heavier than expected use, the original dishwasher broke down in 2017.  Although 541 was able to borrow a temporary replacement, a commercial pull-through unit is necessary to keep up with service as well as food safety standards.

  • To increase the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the kitchen service, the inadequate front load dishwasher was  replaced by a commercial pull-through unit. Upgrades also included renovations to the kitchen window, plumbing, electrical and grease trap. With these enhancements, it is much easier and faster for the volunteers to operate.  The new dishwasher also has an internal condensing system to keep the kitchen cool. This dishwasher is an essential part of ensuring food and volunteer safety in the kitchen.

Camp Cherith Ontario

Dining Hall Renovations (Canada)

Grant Year: 2016

Grant Description

  • The Dining Hall, constructed in 1961, needed to be raised and set on a new foundation as the first phase of significant redesign and renovation.

  • The Dining Hall was raised in order to set it on new supports and pour a foundation.  Once set, the Dining Hall was lowered onto the new supports and foundation before further renovations were completed.

  • As a second phase of renovation to the Dining Hall, a new porch was built as well as new doors, windows, roof and siding installed.


Right Tools for Life: Training Manual Update (Canada)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) is a Christ-centered, national ministry dedicated to providing support for life and sexual health by partnering with Pregnancy Care Centres. The desired impact is for every person in Canada facing a pregnancy decision to have access to a Pregnancy Care Centre.

  • As part of a broader initiative to upgrade the CAPSS web infrastructure and the resources made available to affiliated Pregnancy Care Centres across Canada, American training manuals will be reviewed and editions that reflect Canadian standards, statistics and regulations will be created.

  • This work includes the development of templates, training materials, and other resources. These materials will enable CAPSS to more effectively partner with affiliated Pregnancy Care Centres, as these centres equip staff and volunteers to serve clients.


National Consultant Team (Canada)

Grant Year: 2015

Granted through Acts of Grace participation in Stronger Together

Grant Description

  • This projects provides the funds to establish a National Consultant Team within CAPSS, the national office for Pregnancy Centres across Canada.  Based regionally, this consultant team will be able to increase the number and quality of consultations CAPSS is able to provide to Pregnancy Centres.  There are a number of critical times when a pregnancy centre needs consultation and ongoing mentorship: when a centre is in the early developing stage, centres with new staff and board, and those centres that are experiencing challenges.

  • The National Consultant Team will be comprised of 5 individuals who will provide training, mentorship and support to pregnancy centes.  This will include clarifying roles and responsibilities of board, staff and volunteers, providing best practices and strategic planning, fostering unity, trouble shooting challenges

    With adequate support and training, turnover is reduced for greater sustainability of each pregnancy centre.  A CAPSS Consultant Team Manual will be developed to create consistency and provide templates and resources for this team.

The Scott Mission

Warehouse Solutions Project (Canada)

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Description

  • Empowered by God’s grace and provision, The Scott Mission welcomes individuals and families in Toronto, Ontario to access practical resources, as well as spiritual and relational resources in a journey towards hope and transformation.  The Scott Mission maintains and operates two warehouse facilities that provide supplies for its food and clothing banks and programs.

  • This project provides funds to purchase and put into service a new forklift to manage the increased amount of goods needed for a growing number of clients to the food and clothing banks. The grant was also used to provide the necessary training for staff to operate the new forklift.  Pictured here: The new forklift purchased with Acts of Grace funds.

  • As the Mission builds capacity at the O'Connor Family Centre warehouse, these funds will also be used to repair the existing forklift.  Pictured here: The previously existing forklift which will continue be maintained using a portion of the Acts of Grace grant.