2018 Grants

This page highlights the organizations and projects that received Acts of Grace grants in 2018.

For more information about each charity, click on the organization's logo to be directed to its website. Click on the Project Pictures link under each grant description to view photos related to that particular project.

  • The Healthy Homes Project


    This project provides funds to develop 7 self-reliant villages. The Healthy Homes Project will equip and teach families to improve their health, prevent disease, increase food security, enrich nutrition and enhance agricultural skills. Households will be given BioSand filters to provide clean water as well as taught how to build and use Tippy Taps, pot racks, waste/garbage disposal, fly traps, rocket stoves and biointensive gardens. This project will strengthen and equip people living in rural Zimbabwe to create better lives for themselves, their families and orphaned children in their communities.

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  • city youth transportation project


    This project is part of a recurring grant that provides free bus transportation to youth from low-income communities in Hamilton, Ontario so that they can attend CityYouth. CityYouth is a leadership development program that teaches children ages 12-15 about God while providing leadership training, mentoring and service opportunities.

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    This project is part of a recurring grant originally approved in 2014.

  • Audio Scriptures for West Africa

    (West Africa)

    This project multiplies the evangelism and discipleship efforts of local ministries in areas of high risk in West Africa. This project will manufacture, supply and distribute solar-powered audio Bibles to individuals and listening groups creating discrete 24-hour access to the Bible. These devices are essential for the growth and discipleship of the local church, many of whom are persecuted for their Christian faith and otherwise have no other Bible teacher available to them.

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  • East Africa Recording and Distribution Project

    (Kenya, Tanzania)

    This project provides for the translation, audio recording and distribution of Bible story audio-visual messages and other supplemental materials.  This work will take place for 2 languages in Eastern Africa currently without Scripture in their mother tongue or with limited access to a local church. These recordings will be distributed on SD cards and CDs as well as uploaded to the 5fish app for free download for use with Bible picture books.These materials will equip East African Church leaders to effectively communicate the Gospel of Christ to unreached peoples and oral language groups in Kenya and Tanzania.

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  • The Sycamore Tree Project


    This grant funds a pilot program that provides a restorative justice curriculum in 10 Canadian federal correctional facilities. The program supports a ministry of reconciliation and restoration to inmates, ex-offenders, their families and victims. Through structured exercises that bring offenders and surrogate victims together, The Sycamore Tree Project emphasizes the responsibility of offenders to repair the harm caused by their crime. This program helps prisoners examine the concept of crime, their actions, factors contributing to their actions, empathy for the victim, forgiveness and making amends. 

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    This project provides for the French translation of all remaining required reading books for the Certificate of Biblical Counseling program developed in partnership with CCEF and SEMBEQ. These 20 books are necessary for the full development and implementation of the Certificate program in Quebec as well as French-speaking Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. The resources are also important tools to disciple and build up the French-speaking Church as well as for use by pastors in their ministry.

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    This project supports various facets of the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI). Funds will be used for the leadership summit, site visits to program participants, the adjunct faculty and the mentorship program that supports in-class learning.  This project will also purchase hardware and access fees for an online training and library platform. Through this practical, Christ-centered leadership program, visionary educational leaders will be equipped to act as catalysts to transform education for hundreds of thousands of African children. ALI equips educational leaders to foster vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms and empower a new generation of leaders in Central and Eastern Africa.

    Since this grant was originally made, ALI has since been established as its own charitable organization, now called Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, which is working with leaders from various sectors in addition to education. With a mandate focused entirely on developing and empowering African leaders, Kurumbuka is also developing additional programs that will empower leaders, connect influencers, and multiply solutions to support a growing movement of African leaders who want to find African solutions for African problems.

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    This project is part of a recurring grant originally approved in 2017.