2019 Grants

This page highlights the organizations and projects that received Acts of Grace grants in 2019.

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  • Expanding the Opportunities of Special Education

    (Dominican Republic)

    This project will develop and enlarge a specialized school that meets the needs of children with learning disabilities and behavioural difficulties, as well as expand the school's capacity to serve more children. Espacio de Gracia Christian School offers Special Education for marginalized families, filling an educational gap not only in its own region – which is generally constrained by material poverty, but also in an educational system as a whole – which is insufficiently equipped to accommodate children with special needs. Adding more classrooms and offices to the school will double its enrollment and enhance as well as expand its unique services to better serve its students and their communities. This project will not only advance Christ-centred education for children in the Dominican Republic but it will also create opportunities to transform every community by the Gospel.

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  • Discipleship-Mission Directors Training


    This project funds Discipleship-Missions Directors training in three countries in Asia. The majority of the population in these countries are either Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, with professing Christians comprising only a small percentage of the population. These intensive training sessions equip church-selected Program Directors with the content, methods, and philosophy for developing a discipleship-mission program so that they, in turn, can equip clusters of churches to multiply Christ-like disciples and locally sustainable fellowships among least-reached people in their countries. This Director training and the resulting discipleship-mission programs seek to ensure that every person has the opportunity to choose and follow Jesus Christ.

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  • Carpentry Solar Panels for Ephphata School for the Deaf


    This grant funds the purchase and installation of a solar panel for the carpentry school at Ephphata School for the Deaf. Children with hearing difficulties face significant barriers due to a lack of understanding in the Congolese culture, which often perceives deaf as unintelligent and worthless. The Ephphata School for the Deaf brings love, hope and freedom to over 250 vulnerable children and their families in an accepting, Christ-centred environment that teaches skills for a productive, fulfilling life. Reliable and significant power from the new solar panel will transform Ephphata’s amateur carpentry workshop into a professional training centre that will more effectively prepare students for self-sufficient independence by dramatically enhancing their carpentry skills to meet the highest professional standards. The new solar panel and enhanced training will also support the school’s long-term sustainability by enabling income-generating activities such as the production and sale of milled lumber and high-end furniture.

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  • A Kitchen in the NorthWind Building


    This grant funds the renovation of the NorthWind Family Ministries building to include a kitchen. Many Indigenous people in the Thunder Bay area and northern communities have suffered greatly and experience ongoing trauma, resulting in alcohol/drug addictions, poverty, poor education, and violence. In coming alongside Canadian Aboriginals on their journey to know God and his intimate character, NorthWind provides meals and snacks as part of its programming to help provide sacred places for Indigenous people to embrace their stories, foster belongingness through community, and improve meaningful connections to God and one another. Currently, the NorthWind building does not have a kitchen onsite and volunteers use inadequate, costly and unsustainable work-arounds to bring food from home. An onsite kitchen will significantly increase the capacity and effectiveness of NorthWind in offering nutritious meals to its clients, especially as programs continue to grow. The new kitchen will also facilitate NorthWind offering cooking skills classes to help clients learn how to provide healthy, affordable meals for their families, many of whom are food insecure.

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  • Surgical and Operating Room Equipment Upgrade


    This project will upgrade surgical and operating room equipment used in performing life-changing surgeries for some of Uganda’s most vulnerable children. As One4Another continues to grow and perform a variety of surgeries so does its need for upgraded surgical tools, instruments, equipment and adequate storage. The new equipment provided through this grant will continue to raise the standard of surgical care provided by the clinic by greatly reducing the inherent risks of performing surgeries on children with satisfactory but less precise approaches. New operating room storage will support the further systematization of sterilization and surgery to ensure needed equipment is readily available when needed. These upgrades will also reduce surgical time thereby increasing the number of surgeries possible so that the trajectory of even more children's lives can shift from one of certain disability to one with hope for a future.

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  • Required Reading to Train French Biblical Counselors


    This project provides for the French translation of all remaining required reading books for the Certificate of Biblical Counseling program developed in partnership with CCEF and SEMBEQ. These 20 books are necessary for the full development and implementation of the Certificate program in Quebec as well as French-speaking Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. The resources are also important tools to disciple and build up the French-speaking Church as well as for use by pastors in their ministry.

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    This project is part of a recurring grant originally approved in 2018 and took place over the years 2018-2020.

  • New Windows & Doors for Restorations' First Residence


    This grant funds the purchase of all of the windows and exterior doors for the first Restorations Second Stage Homes residence. Safe housing and long-term residential support are widely recognized as one of the most significant challenges in assisting victims of trafficking in Canada. Restorations is renovating a house that will become its first residence providing safe, stable and supportive housing for survivors of trafficking. Restorations will offer wrap-around services to residents to restore physical, spiritual and mental well-being and to empower individuals to step into their life’s purpose. Existing doors and windows in the house are either broken or insufficient for providing a safe living environment for those escaping trauma. This project will provide new windows and exteriors doors for the residence to increase the security and safety of the house reinforcing the truth that God makes all individuals perfectly and purposefully with the right to live free from exploitation and abuse.

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  • Bible School Functioning


    This project provides funds to add infrastructure, buildings and vocational training to support the long-term functioning of a least-reached people group Bible School, which facilitates the theological training of these people to reach their own people with the Gospel. In the face of increasing unrest and violence towards Christians, higher walls, gates and a guardhouse will be built to enhance security on the school property. This project also funds the construction of kitchens, campus toilets and shelters for storage on the campus for increased capacity and the long-term effectiveness of the school. This grant funds the purchase of equipment and materials as well as the first year of instruction in vocational training for students. It is essential that graduates possess these agriculture and tailoring skills in order to be economically self-sufficient in a church planting context. This new infrastructure and training materials and vocational skills development will support the continued witness of Christ’s love among these people, disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their own communities, and Christ-centred churches among all peoples.

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